Customer Service Is On Point

This past December I finally closed on a new apartment. The apartment had a new carpet but me and my wife wanted wood floors. We pulled the carpet from one of the corners and were happy to discover wood floors. I started calling places to get some pricing everything quoted was around 5k and change that was a lot of money.

Some of the places I contacted had no before and after pics on their sites so it was like going blind and hiring someone based on their word. I searched here on Yelp and found hardwood perfect flooring, I saw their pics on yelp and decided to give them a call.

I spoke to Sam who was very helpful and explained to me the process and were able to give me a quote over the phone. I took a chance based on their online reviews and picture and had Sam come and check the floors. They pulled the carpet and saw that the floors were still ok but they were dirty, stained, and there were gaps on the wood. They told me it would take 4 days and I signed a contract and gave them access to the empty apartment as I didn’t want to be on their way. They kept in touch through all the process , they removed the carpet and carpet nails, they cut it up and disposed it and then began the work.

on the 3 day i met them and saw the sanded floors and also the work to fill the gaps on the wood. I picked a tint color for my floor and left. I went back the next day with my wife and found Thomas applying the polyurethane the bedrooms looked amazing and he was applying the first coat out of 3. my wife was so happy to see our new floors and apartment looking so nice. I am glad that I decided to remove that carpet and going with hardwood perfect flooring. They are coming back to install some saddles on the floor. I can’t thank Sam and Thomas and their team enough .

Their customer service is on point and they are really down to earth people. They do care about making their customers happy and we appreciate the work they put on our home.

Marco M.