1. Why You Need to Sand Your Floors

    Anyone who has embarked on a hardwood flooring project probably knows that sanding the wood is one of the most crucial steps in the process. Because it is so normal for sanding to be done, you may never have stopped to ask exactly why hardwood flooring needs to be sanded if you are completing a refinishing project. If you are in the hardwood floor refinishing or installation market, the team here …Read More

  2. Suggestions for Hardwood Floor Cleaning

    Your floors receive constant use and abuse everyday, which means it is bound to find some wear and tear such as scratches and stains. When time comes to clean and revitalize your floors, it is important to find the proper cleaning supplies. While you want to ensure a deep and thorough clean, you also don’t want to use anything that has the potential to harm your floors. There are several methods…Read More