before_and_after_hancocknew-rvAt Hardwood Perfect Flooring, we successfully complete hardwood floor installation over concrete and/or plywood, and have the experience that you can trust. We have worked with virtually all types of hardwood flooring products – both solid and engineered planks – as well as wide planks. We also specialize in installing borders. Hardwood floor installations can be completed in a couple of days, and we do our best to keep disruptions to a minimum. There are four primary methods involved in completing a hardwood floor installation:

  1. Nail Down: With this method, wood strips are installed using a nailer and a mallet.
  2. Glue Down: Glue is used for parquets and engineered flooring. An adhesive is used to fix the hardwood floors onto the subfloor. Your professional installer will use the proper adhesive for your type of floors, ensuring your hardwood floor installation does not go awry or cause unnecessary damage.
  3. Staple Down: A specific staple gun will be used to attach wood floor to subfloor using 1-1/2 to 2-inch staples. There are different pneumatic guns for different floors, so it’s essential to hire a professional hardwood floor installer that will use equipment accordingly.
  4. Floating: Using this method, the hardwood floor is not fastened to any part of the subfloor. A pad is placed between subfloor and wood floor, and glue is applied to hold each piece together.

When you need hardwood floor installation in Manhattan, or any of the five boroughs, contact us today!