How long will it take for my hardwood floors to be sanded and refinished?

The average project is typically two to three days. Stairs or anything over 1,500 square feet may add an extra day to the project.

How long should I wait before walking on floors after refinishing?

Finished floors should be dried within 24 hours for walking and gently placing furniture (no dragging). Allow at least two weeks before placement of area rugs. Finish won’t dry in cold temperatures, so make sure heat is functioning during winter months.

Can I stay home while my hardwood floors are being refinished?

Please keep in mind that finished floors cannot be walked on until they are completely dry. This may or may not prevent you from staying home. Polyurethane emits an odor that some may find strong or unpleasant. Cracking windows may help with this problem.

Why install/refinish hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors can retain, or in many cases, even increase the value of your home. Hardwood floors also never go out of style or become outdated.

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