dreamstime_xxl_34122417When people talk about hardwood floors, the first thought is often about residential floors and how to keep them looking pristine. However, in New York City, many former residences are now locations for small businesses such as boutiques or art galleries, and the original hardwood floors were one of the factors that appealed to the business owner. If you own a business in NYC that has hardwood floors, and they’re in need of refinishing or repair, Hardwood Perfect Flooring is here to help.

A Customer’s First Impression

You most likely have loyal customers who live nearby and shop with you on a regular basis, but at some point in time, they were just another passer-by who spotted your business from the street. Because they had a positive first impression of your storefront or entrance, they decided to look around and see what you had to offer. If your hardwood floors are looking worn or there are deep scratches in the surface, that first impression a new customer gets can be very different. Regardless of the type of business you own, be it a boutique, gallery, or law firm, we can restore and refinish your floors, returning them to their former beauty.

At Hardwood Perfect Flooring, we serve all five NYC boroughs and can come to your business to provide a detailed and professional assessment of your floors. Once it’s determined what the best course of action is, we’ll get to work right away. We’ll do our best to minimize disruptions to your business, and can schedule our work when it works best for you.

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