dreamstime_8120872We wrote last time about new hardwood floors for your bedroom, and in this post, we’ll transition to another room that can benefit from new floors – the dining room. While the dining room may not be a space that you use formally on a regular occasion, it should still be a functional space that you enjoy using on special occasions, such as holidays. New hardwood floors can give the room new life, and at Hardwood Perfect Flooring in NYC, we can help you choose the species and stain that will look best in your home.

The Benefits of Hardwood Floors in Your Dining Room

Carpeted floors simply don’t make sense in the dining room. There’s often food and drink involved, and spills on the carpet can be a headache for any homeowner. Dining rooms aren’t often the biggest rooms in the house, and carpet can make the room seem even smaller, while hardwood can make the room seem larger and more spacious. Hardwood is also easier to clean, and a well-placed area rug under your dining room table can create a perfect focal point for the space, while also complementing the stain of the hardwood.

It’s important to make sure, once your new floors are installed, that you place felt or plastic on the bottom of your table, chairs, and anything else that comes into contact with the hardwood. Heavy furniture, such as a china cabinet or hutch, can easily scratch the wood when moved, so be sure to take the proper precautions when moving or rearranging these pieces.

If you’re interested in new hardwood floors for your dining room, please contact us today!

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