dreamstime_xxl_4807437When you’ve decided to install hardwood floors in your home, it might seem that all there’s left to do is pick a type of wood, a stain color, and that’s all. While those two aspects are very important, there’s also the question of how your floors will be installed. Each option presents its own benefits, and at Hardwood Perfect Flooring in NYC, we can handle glue down, staple down, nail down, and floating wood floors. We’ll also help you decided which option is best for your house or apartment.

Glue Down

This method is most often used for parquet and engineered flooring. Our technicians will select the proper type of glue or adhesive to attach your new hardwood to the subfloor.

Staple Down

Using a staple gun, our floor installers will attach your hardwood to the subfloor with small staples (usually no more than two inches). Different floors require different staples, as well as different pneumatic tools to install, and using the wrong ones could damage your new floors. Our team understands what the right tools are for each job.

Nail Down

This is perhaps the most straightforward method for installing hardwood floors. Our team will use hammers, nails, and mallets to align and install your new floors.

Floating Floors

A floating floor is created when a pad is placed between the subfloor and the hardwood, or the hardwood is glued or attached to itself using tongue and groove connections. No part of the hardwood is attached to the subfloor, so it technically “floats” above it. This is a great option for homes with cement subfloors or radiant heating in the floors.

If you’re interested in putting new hardwood in your home, contact us right away. We’ll help you choose the best installation option for your floors!


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