dreamstime_xxl_47978474New York City is a place filled with history, and no matter where you live, something or someone of significance likely happened or lived nearby. If you’re planning to restore a historic brownstone or tenement building in NYC, new hardwood floors are the perfect way to finish. We know that you may be months away from putting new floors down, but at Hardwood Perfect Flooring, we know that once you’re ready, you want the job done quickly and efficiently.

Keep the Old or Put in New?

Many old buildings in Manhattan already have hardwood floors, and the primary question a building owner often asks when beginning a restoration is, “Should I keep the old floors or put in new ones?” The answer to that question can depend on the state of the floors, how they look in comparison to the rest of the building, and whether or not they fit with your new plans. Our team can come and perform a thorough assessment of your current floors, and if possible, provide sanding and refinishing services. If you’d rather tear out the old floors and put in new hardwood, we can help you select the ideal wood type, install your new floors, and seal them so they last for decades.

The restoration of a New York building is quite the undertaking, and we understand that you have a lot to think about and take care of while renovations are being completed. If you’re thinking about which floors will be best, or you’re ready for new floors to go down, contact us today!

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