Once you’ve had new hardwood floors installed, the next big decision is choosing the right stain color for your floors. There are a myriad of options out there for hardwood stain, and picking the right one can make all the difference. The range from light to dark is seemingly endless, and the experts at Hardwood Perfect Flooring can help you with your decision. We will also provide you with three free stain samples before finishing your hardwood floors, which will hopefully make your choice easier.

Light or Dark Stain?

Light stains such as Ipswich Pine can be ideal for large rooms that you want to feel open and inviting. These stains will reflect light and should match the decor and other woodwork in the room. Dark stains such as Red Mahogany or Ebony can add a nice dramatic touch to your home, but you’ll want to be sure they won’t make your rooms feel smaller. The furniture and decor of a room also play a part, and in certain situations, a darker stain makes sense. Depending on the design ideas you have for your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, we’ll recommend the best stain for each area.

The stain you choose will also depend on the type of wood your new floors are made of, and we’ll suggest the best options for each type. Above all, we want you to be satisfied with the finished product, and enjoy your floors for years to come. If you’re ready to add hardwood to your home, or you need help choosing a new stain, contact us in Manhattan today!